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We offer the lowest cost SEO Toronto prices because we actually do your backlinking and optimization ourselves. Many other SEO companies simply pay others to do their SEO work. Not only that but many SEO companies pay other SEO companies to rank their very own website! Not us, because we do all your SEO work in-house thus passing on the saving directly to you:) is a cloud-based SEO service. This means that we have managed to cut all costs. NO fancy offices, NO costly sales reps, NO wasteful spending means we managed to streamline our operations to offer the lowest cost SEO prices to you.

SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable low cost SEO in Toronto Canada.Let us let you in on a little secret.

  • Did you know that ranking for geo-keyword terms is easy? For example, the terms “real estate in Toronto” or “Toronto plumbers” are not difficult to rank for at all only IF your onsite SEO is done correctly AND you follow a strict SEO blueprint. SEO is not difficult and our prices reflect that. We have partnered with top SEO providers that rank for difficult terms like “make money online” or “how to lose weight”, so be assured that your local business will rank.

Here is another secret.

  • Have you heard SEO companies say: “Our tactics are all whitehat”. These whitehat/blackhat terms have been thrown around very loosely in the industry by people who don’t know what they are talking about. They use these terms to scare you into a sale. Contact us and we’ll explain.

Affordable SEO Services

Here is another secret.

  • Did you know that many SEO service tools are FREE online? That’s right, 100% free, from google places, webmaster tools, analytics to backlink and SERP reporting. These are free services that we would not dare charge you for because we feel it would be unethical robbery. We would rather show you what to do because your online business belongs to you to manage not us. Contact us and we’ll explain.

Before making a commitment on an SEO service online we encourage you to first shop around. Look up all the SEO companies that you feel best suit your needs. We will even provide you with an SEO company list in your area to help with your search. Remember to take notes and after that, we would invite you to contact us last before making your decision.

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