Affordable Low Cost Web Design in Toronto with SEO included

We offer affordable web design in Toronto and GTA. Not just any kind of web design but web development with SEO in mind. Our style of websites is focused primarily on SEO and engagement. We understand the pains of having a website with no to little traffic. What good is a website that gets no traffic? From the ground up we will offer you the very best solution for your ROI. This may possibly mean that your website is built on a WordPress or Joomla platform but we also use other platforms if that is what you require. From shopping carts to blogs, we will help design your website with SEO in mind. All tasks in developing your website will be focused on getting you traffic and conversion.

Low Cost Web Design

Affordable Web Design

Affordable low-cost web design in Toronto with SEO included. What do we mean by conversion?

Each time a person browses your website they become a potential customer. The buying signals and tone of your website is what keeps the customers engaged on your website. The better you can simulate these techniques into your website the higher the conversion (a percentage that buys) on your website.

The best example of engagement and conversion can be seen on this website! Who can resist a cute puppy? We know very well that cute little puppies are enough to make you want to browse our website so we use it. We hooked you with cuteness:)

How is it that we can offer affordable web design?

Let us let you in on a little secret.

Templates! That’s right, most of you probably already know that platform templates are either free or very inexpensive. Why pay thousands of dollars for a website that can truly cost hundreds. Take for example our website. We developed all our own content and acquired our template for a minimal cost.
Before committing to a web design company in Toronto we encourage you to shop around and consult with us last. For more information on affordable web design simply contact us.

Affordable Web Design with SEO

We have been getting requests for building websites that rank so we are putting together a product you are surely to love!

Product: WebRank – $1200 +HST

We develop for you a simple clean website that ranks for 1 main keyword term. The site will consist of 4+ pages in WordPress format and targeted for 1 main keyword of your choice. Exact match should be under 2500. For inquires above 2500 exact matches please contact us for quotation.

You provide us with main keyword and URL. We build you a website targeting 3 keywords to prevent any Google penalties including homepage article and images. We can not determine approximate time to rank at this time due to Penguin 2.0.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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