Publish Images and Photos on Instagram from Your Computer

Publishing to Instagram is a unique process for mobile phones, cell phones, tablets or mobile devices that have the application installed. But from the computer or computer of our house, we can also upload those images that we want to share and that we could not at the time.

How to use the Computer to Upload Photos to Instagram:

There are many situations in which we have not been able to share that special moment or that funny image that we would have liked to show to everyone.

It is possible that the photographs were sent to us by email or that they were made with a normal camera. There are many situations in which we can not use the mobile, and we lose the opportunity to upload and publish on Instagram what we want.

Photos on Instagram

Whatever the situation, we are in front of the computer reviewing the images and we ask ourselves how we can carry out the process in a simple way.

We could send them by mail or by Bluetooth to the mobile device and share them in this way, but they are excessive steps and there is an easier way to carry out the process.

Use the web Browser to post on Instagram:

We only need to have a computer with an internet connection and use any web browser that allows us to inspect elements. Do not be alarmed, all web browsers currently have this option. With the exception of Safari, you have to activate the option from the console before you can update it.

I will explain the procedure with Google Chrome, but it is totally extrapolated to the rest of browsers. In the beginning video, I explain the process in all of them.

Access and log on to the Instagram website:

The first step is to enter our Instagram account, in the desktop version, or computer, as you want to call, we do not have available the lower menu from which you can post on Instagram.

Run the element inspector:

This option, which all modern browsers have, is opened from the main menu of the browser, or easier, by clicking with the right mouse button on the page that we have open.

Depending on the browser, the option may be called ” Inspect “, ” Element Inspector ” or any similar name. A lot of code will appear in the side or in the lower area.

Visualize the web as in a mobile device:

We chose the option to see the web adapted to the format of a mobile or tablet and refresh the page by pressing the ” F5 ” key or by clicking on the circular arrow icon.

Depending on the browser, the typical buttons that Instagram has, at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices, will appear and we can share any image that we want to post on Instagram and that we have on the computer.

If after refreshing the browser these buttons do not appear, we must choose a type of device to simulate among the options offered in a drop-down menu.

You no longer have an excuse to share anything, even if you have not done it at the same time.

The importance of influencers and Advertising on Social Networks:

In recent times, social networks have taken a huge force in the field of communication from the point of view of business, not only used to share experiences or punctual moments instantly between individuals, companies have discovered their potential and they have launched fully to exploit these resources.

Advertising on Social Networks:

You have to adapt to the times, and companies know, what was known a few years ago as ” Community Manager ” (a person that every company hired to have a strategy in social networks), has had to reinvent itself to reach a higher level. , and turn that strategy into a business, into the social business.

This concept has not emerged overnight, social networks have been transformed as the number of users has increased. And with the massive use of these media, a business plan has emerged.

The importance of the Audience or Share:

The premise of any business can be summarized in the following question, how and how many people can I get to sell my product?

Until now, there were television, radio or press advertisements, broadcast more frequently in the time slot in which there is more audience, or in newspapers with greater circulation.

But what are the 2 or 3 million people, in the highest peaks of the audience or daily readers, compared to 20 or 30 million of an average ” influencer”?

And I say half because I do not want to talk about the economic impact that a footballer can have, such as Ronaldo or Neymar, with close to 100 million followers on Instagram, if they show their new boots to play or the sunglasses that are best for them.

Or the Kardashians if they show the perfume they wear or the clothes that have given them such a mark for showing it in a photo.

The influencers and their followers:

How many times have we wanted to do the same thing that we see in a video of the fashion Youtuber, or have what is shown in a photo of the Instagram on duty

Better still, do what they do and get a benefit thanks to the interaction of our followers, becoming an ” influencer ” in which companies are set to promote their products.

As I said before, the audience is the most important thing, and in social networks, it was not going to be less. Many followers are needed to be visible.

You can get the audience you need by fast track, buying followers, there are sites that are dedicated to generating fan lists to sell on any social network.

It may be that the follower’s businesses for Instagram are the most fashionable ones. Other social networks have more controlled this practice with the use of security systems, such as verification through text messages, calls, use of ReCaptcha …

Instagram, despite the increase in popularity, has not yet implemented these types of measures. But if it detects any irregularity, you can eliminate all followers without warning at once.

That’s why, once you decide to buy followers, you should work to interact with your account and not lose your investment. Nobody said that the fast road was the easiest one.

Behind every influencer, a word that seems so innocent is a very attractive business network for companies. Maybe we are not really aware of what it means.

To summarize, one could say that behind all influencer there is a product, it does not matter whether it is physical or not, and if there is a product that interests people, there is a company or business interested in selling it.

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