How to Shave a Cat and What Precautions Should we Take

How to shave a cat

Everyone knows that cats are the best of all animals. Very often we see how our pet pupil can wash for hours. Cats sometimes lick the wool so much that it becomes slightly moist. And if you want to see how to shave a cat then some of the precautions should be taken care in order to keep your cat safe.

Caring for her fur coat, the mustache is done, two main tasks: wash and comb the coat. And for all this cat uses only the language. You must clean your pet to help the cat contain the wool in perfect condition. It will also eliminate the need to wash the floor and vacuum constantly in your home. Let’s look at the time to comb in more detail.

shave a cat

How to dress your cat correctly?

To start this responsible case, you must buy the right tool. Because, without scallops this process will not be the easiest, and the human brushes for animals do not fit. After all, they can damage the wool of an animal. You can buy a tool at a pet store, The choice of cat scallops today is very large. Before buying, consult a veterinarian, the best to get a cat of your breed. In the stores, the consultants can also provide the owner with the help of the purchase of a crest. And most importantly, do not give preference to brushes with a metal brush without special needs, so as not to damage the pet’s skin.

The care of the wool of the four legs, of course, depends on the breed and the length of the wool. Caring for a skin with a long wool is more difficult. Such races are prone to the formation of Koltunov.

How often do you get a cat?

Short-haired puppys are enough to pick up once or twice a week. And cats with long hair will have to scratch all day to avoid kneading.

The sooner you begin to scrub the cat, the sooner you will get used to this procedure and it will calmly carry you into adulthood. After brushing your pet for a few minutes of tenderness and affection, or delighting in delicious delicacies.

Cat owners, of course, face the problem of moving their pets when the wool stays on furniture, floors and even food. Today I would like to continue with the question of how and how to comb a cat to accelerate the process of “different” and get rid of the wool in the house. In addition to cleaning your home, it is also good for the animal. Beat: Massage for your pet, improve the quality of the wool, as well as the ability to cook in the hot season.

How to care for cat wool during moulting:

It is desirable to scratch during the abundant moult 2-3 times a week in short hair jam. However, if you are the owner of “fluffy”, then it is desirable to perform the procedure 3-4 times per week.

  • First, all movements must be made against the growth of the wool cover (from the tail to the head).
  • This method will help eliminate more hair in a shorter period of time
  • start using a brush with a thin cloth to lift the wool cloth
  • change the brush from the density of rare toothpaste to the most common
  • “Pick up” comb the hair with a conventional cylindrical comb (brush)
  • In the end, you will need a bowl of water and your hand. Dip your hand in water, pass several times against the growth of the wool. Then rinse your hair and repeat the mentioned action several times.
  • A very effective way, which should not be neglected
    scrubbing in hard to reach places is enough to hold with a wet hand
  • If your kitten does not like to scrub, then in the process you can play with him, his favorite toy. This will distract him and he will be able to do more than one “procedure”.

What to do if the cat tears its hair

The best pasta is Gimpet Malt-Soft . The method of its application is quite simple, but, it is sufficient to give 3-5 cm of cat paste every day for a week. The cost of a large tube is approximately 80 UAH (~ 300 rubles) in pet stores.

If the pet does not have to try, you can try putting it on the chest or legs. Disgust because of its neatness will necessarily begin to lick it and eat it.

In addition to Malt-Soft, it will be useful to sprout oats, which has the function of cleaning the intestines.

In conclusion, I would like to say that taking care of a cat’s hair should be a joy for you and your pet. After performing these operations on a regular basis, it will deprive the cat of unnecessary “coats”, and the furniture and clothes in the house from excessive garbage.