JW Player: The Most Powerful & Flexible Video Platform

I was looking for a solution to share some video clips on the blog, to complete the photos. So I found this plugin: JW Player. After a few tries, it’s exactly what I wanted. So before the music:

We need to download at this address the JW Player plugin for WordPress: now you can download jw player videos. Then you install it on your server in wp-content / plugins. I always use Filezilla. Then, you have to activate the extension in the Extensions menu. Once activated, you must on the same page, at the very top of this one, activate the reader by clicking on “Instal latest JW Player”. You get on the page an example of this player that can be changed later.

Then I take a video that I convert to the FLV format with the software “SUPER” (it’s his name!). Once obtained the new file with them. FLV extension, I install it on my server. So I still have to customize my player and insert my video in an article.

To customize the player, I click the JW Player tab in the left menu. There is a line that matches the properties of the default drive. Click “Create Custom Player”. In appearance, you can change the position of the control bar, the appearance of the player (skin) the size in width and height and the autostart (‘true’ if you want the video to start from herself). It remains to save with Save and it’s all good.

The last step, insert the video. Once in my article, I select the pictogram “Add a media”. Click “External Media”. You must then fill in the path to access your video which should look like something like this. Attention to the extension: with the SUPER software, FLV is capitalized. We arrive at a window where you can fill a Title, a Description …

All you have to do is select the Custom Player that you have set up in ‘Select Player’ and click ‘Insert JW Player’. In your article, where you want to see your video appears now a code like this:

Just update the article and see the result. Another example at home with these two first extracts at the end of the article for the Oldelaf concert in Lyon: Click here to see.

To see the different look of the player (the skins), click on this link.

Save videos to watch them Offline on a PC:

watch them Offline on a PC

Once you have finished downloading a Tube Catcher and completed its installation, just open the program for the first time you will see a screen with some of the most used options of this application. For the case that concerns us (save videos to see them offline on a PC), click on Download Videos and the program interface will open just in the section that interests us.

Then, just look at YouTube to download the video, select its URL and paste it into the aTube Catcher window (in the URL field of the video ).

If we do not want to customize anything else, we can click directly on the Download button and the process of saving the video will start, being the most usual that we have different download options (since YouTube hosts the videos uploaded in different formats ).

Anyway, in Output Profile is where we will have the opportunity to choose if we want to convert the video to download or not. We are offered both the option to choose the extension of the file (avi, mkv, wmv, mp4 flv …) and the device with which we will play the video (smartphone, iPad, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV.

What’s more, if we only want to extract the audio from a YouTube video, we also have this advanced option.

All these possibilities make aTube Catcher the most powerful and practical tool to download videos from YouTube and hundreds of multimedia websites. No hassle and totally free!

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